Tuesday, 6 June 2017


The last 9 months or so has become a test of both my physical and mental strength. To celebrate all I have achieved and to fulfill a dream I got this:

I have wanted a tattoo on my wrist for a very long time and have gone back and forth on the design. I wanted simple (in part because I know how much it hurts and in part because that is who I am) and meaningful.  When I embarked on the physical strength portion of this journey I came across the Japanese kanji for strength. I loved the shape of this kanji and loved that it was Japanese. I lived in Tokyo for 3 of the most amazing months of my life, so Japan will always have a special place in my heart. This image has been on my water bottle since day 1 in the gym, a reminder of my goal. Now, thanks to my BFF who went with me to get this (and gave me the deposit for my upcoming birthday) and get her own first tattoo (and we had a weird and wonderful amazing night) here it is. I am in complete love with it.

While it was touch and go for my BFF she got through it and got her spirit animal:

Picture taken right after hers was done

To celebrate we drank some of these:

I don't think it is an accident an ass was the topper of my drink:)


  1. K-ten I agree that is a simple yet beautiful symbol full of meaning.
    Ohhh I bet it took a while for your friend's to be completed. How long will it stay red does she have to treat it?
    LOL I had to look 3 times to find the ass in your drink
    You are crazy
    Hugs HiC

  2. I just read your post about looking after you parents.. K-Ten having you there was what they needed;however, you put your heart and soul into each task and that was the maraschino cherry on top of a week well DONE!!
    Hugs HiC

  3. Very nice! Yes, good to have something so meaningful, especially considering for the longest time you didn't think you could really do it!