Friday, 16 December 2016

Results Are In!

Today was session 32 - 16 weeks of two 45 minute sessions of strength training. I am pleased with the results but more pleased I basically guessed them exactly and F'in Alex was off. He said if he won I had to do a burpee. I have told him I was never doing one and today was not the day it was happening:) Turns out I know my body best!

Let's compare where we started in August with F'in Alex with where we are now:

Weight - 156 lbs - now 144 lbs -down 12 lbs (plus the 10 from taking out my food allergies - so I have lost 22 lbs 'accidentally' this year)
Body Fat - 33% - now 28% - 1% away from not being fat.
Inches at hips - 38.5 - now 36 (started the year at 41.5 - so I have lost 5.5 inches there)
Inches at belly button - 37.5 - now 35 (started the year at 41, so I have lost  6 inches here)
Bra - 36D - now 34C

Now on to some strength measurements - because this is really why I am torturing myself regularly!
Plank was 37 seconds and today I did 3 minutes and I admit the only real hard part was the last 30 seconds.
Chest press and static row - started at 8 lbs, on Tuesday I lifted 35 for both.
Push ups - couldn't do 1, now from the knees am doing about 20.

It is clear I am stronger and healthier.

To thank F'in Alex for putting up with me, I gave him a Christmas gift. I gave him a drinking game,  I called "The F'in Alex Awesome Drinking Game". The rules are simple, if someone says awesome, take a drink. He thought this was a great game and was especially pleased this game was attached to a bottle of Sortilege (this is a Quebec Maple Whiskey and the best thing I have discovered since moving to Quebec). I figure having spent that much time with me in a gym, he deserved a drink or 10.

Now I have 3 weeks off and will be back at the gym January 10. I am going to try and do some things at home over this time so I don't lose everything I have gained.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

It Is Not A Real Problem

This is what I keep saying to myself. I feel completely spoiled that the following is the biggest problem in my life - the cruise I am suppose to be going on, may not be happening.

For almost a year, we have been planning this dream trip. We are leaving in a few days. Monday it came to light that there may be a mechanical problem on the ship that may make it impossible to do the whole trip. It would mean over half the trip would become sea days rather than port days. This trip is costing way too much money to sit at sea. At this time the cruise line won't confirm if there will be changes, which means we can't know if there will be a refund.

For the past 48 hours I have been obsessed with this. I think my issue is the not knowing. I don't do well with not knowing or having a plan. So today we made a plan.

We are getting on that airplane next week. If we get there (or before we leave find out) and the cruise just isn't going to happen, we are just going to make our own trip. We plan on doing a little research on how this may work before we go, but are going to play it by ear.

This is challenging my control and planning nature, but this isn't a real problem. It is a life experience and an adventure!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Year In Review

As I am going offline next week for several weeks, I thought it was a good time to reflect on 2016. It was a crazy year. It started with my grandmother dying, and ended with my father almost dying. Right smack between those two things, we welcomed my nephew. The circle of life in all its glory!

On the work front - work has been completely insane. I am currently working 6 days a week, at least 6 hours a day to keep afloat. This is because I can't say no. I think that will be my personal goal for 2017, because even though I am blessed with a job I love (and am really good at), sometimes it can be a little much.

2016 saw a lot of travel. It started with a Caribbean cruise. I traveled to Chicago for a conference. I went on my dream RV trip to Indiana to meet fellow bloggers. It is ending with another trip (more about that when I return).

When I look back at 2016, I will remember it as the year I got healthy. With my family's health scare along with several friends facing health challenges (oh the joys of middle age!), the importance of controlling what you can has never been more apparent to me.

I worked with a nutritionist, a personal trainer (I will share the results after 16 weeks on Friday), and a doctor (I had my IUD put in that will hopefully help my menorrhagia).  I have healed my gut, rebuilt my body and improved my hormones. I look at food differently (man, I would kill for a ginger ale tonight but know way to much about sugar) and make exercise a priority (sleep has always been a priority for me, so that isn't a change).  I feel clearer, calmer, and overall better. I think these changes in to my body have allowed me to handle all the stress life and work have thrown me better. I have never been so zen in my life.

My hopes for 2017 are to continue to be healthy. To only say yes when I really want to and can realistically do. To spend more time with friends and family. To travel more. To read, write and have fun.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

My Future At The Gym

Next week will be 16 weeks since I started at the gym and the last week in my contract. Technically I can be free from the torture I endure twice a week.

As this date was looming and knowing that January would likely be a busy time as people set their new year resolutions I had a discussion with F'in Alex a couple weeks ago about this. I asked him two questions:
1) How would he rate my progress from where I started
2) If he could tell me what to do, what would he recommend.
As these 2 questions clearly made him uncomfortable, I really enjoyed asking them. (He spends ever session making me uncomfortable, so I took pleasure in getting even!)

To sum up what he said: while every person progresses differently, he is pleased with the gains I have made. He said it was "awesome". He also said that his recommendation as someone coming from a completely non-athletic background would be to do another 3-6 months and then start to fade him out. He said he would happily hold my spot while I was away (I really like my regular time at 8:15), just to let him know.

I thought about it and told him yes I would be back. In my head I have a million reasons to just be done - It is expensive, I could use the time to work, I am hating having to buy new bras/bathing suits and I finally got pants I love to replace the ones that were too big (although I think my hips are about done shrinking), I am tired of hurting, and I actually dislike doing most of it. I really don't care about being skinnier - that was never my goal. However, I know it is good for me, and life has shown me the importance of health this year. I know I am less stressed/coping better than I did pre-gym. I feel clearer and calmer. I know I am getting stronger.

So my plan in the new year is to suffer another 16 weeks and then stop and see where I am and go from there. I am sure I will have moments where I regret this choice . . . . .

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

An Unexpected Gym Side Effect

Because I have never been athletic a day in my life, I hadn't really given it much thought to ALL the places I would lose weight/shrink when I started on my journey to get stronger. Maybe this is a good thing, because if I had known, maybe I would never have tried to get stronger in the first place.

While I don't have the total weight I have lost yet, I skipped the week 12 weigh in (I have promised F'in Alex we will do a weigh in before our last session in 2 weeks), I have lost some in an unexpected place. Drum roll - I have had to get smaller bras.

The painful summer I was 19 I went from a B cup to a D cup in like 6 weeks. I have sat at that cup size since then (so for 22 years). More recently I have been a 36D. The first place the weight left was the band size, but now I am a 34C.

F'in Alex (who really wasn't my favourite person last week - 3 sessions in 4 days with him made me very sore and cranky) kindly reminded me I probably should try on my bathing suits before my upcoming vacation. So Thursday night I pulled them out and to my horror, they were too big. (My tankini still fit, but the bikinis are out).

Now I don't mind clothes shopping, in fact, I kind of love clothes, but I HATE bra and bathing suit shopping. My first reaction to needing a new suit was to quit the gym and just eat cake so my bathing suit fit. Completely rational as you can see. I was lamenting this first world problem to my Bestie when she offered me a solution. As a shopping expert (I might be so bold as to say a bit of a shopaholic) with a knowledge of bathing suits I didn't know one could have, she offered to do this shopping for me. I sent her my measurements. She called a company and searched online and sent me choices. She has ordered me a suit and will send me the bill. I have successfully outsourced something I do not like. That is wonder!

Now, I just have to wrap my head around this new world order of a smaller size. I wasn't prepared for this and am actually finding it harder than I would have thought.