Thursday, 27 October 2016

After 8 Weeks Of Training

Tuesday was data day.

I am down another 2 lbs bringing my total to 9.5 lbs (Sorry NB I think I have stolen your 10 lbs).
I was down another 1% in body fat, bringing me down a total of 3% and to 30% body fat.
My plank is now 2 minutes.

I am trying to celebrate all of this while still not feeling strong enough (damn you perfectionism!)

A funny conversation:

F'in Alex made me run across the room, repeatedly, for 45 seconds, back and forth, back and forth. I hate running. I complained, a lot. I told him I really didn't want to, but he said "go."

F'in Alex: "Why do you hate running so much?"
Me: "To be honest cause my boobs bounce too much."
F'in Alex: "Well that is an honest answer." 
Me: "Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answers too."

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

I Must Be Getting Stronger

I don't really feel stronger - the dogs can still pull me across a street and I couldn't really help lift the generator, but I must be getting stronger.

Day 1 - number of pushups completed = 0
Day 9 - number of pushups (these are knee ones) completed = 1.5
Day 16 - number of knee pushups completed - set 1, 6 ; set 2, 5; set 3, 4 = 15

Yep, must be getting stronger.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Champaign Anniversary

Yesterday, the 22nd, marked 22 years since  Sam and I met. We met in the backseat of a car, a unique place to meet I think.

I was at home when a friend called to say she had met the perfect guy for me, and she wanted me to come on a double date with her then boyfriend. As my 19 year old self had nothing else to do, and thought it would be amusing to meet this 'perfect' person, I said why not.

My friend and her boyfriend picked me up at my apartment and we went to the University to pick up Sam. He was working at the residence cafeteria. As he got into the backseat beside me, he introduced himself, and that is how we met in the backseat of a car, 22 years ago.

It wasn't love at first sight. To be honest I was a little bored the first part of the date as my friend had gone off to talk to some people in the pool hall she knew, leaving me with two friends who had known each other since kindergarten. However, things changed and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

The couple who introduced us broke up shortly after and as life has moved on we are no longer in touch, but the impact they had on that day has really shaped our lives.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thankful Thursday - Successful Surgery

Last Thursday (on a day the universe tried to beat me up), my friend had his very risky surgery. I am thrilled to report it went better than expected. The doctor was actually able to do more than expected. I am thankful for this.

He will have to go through this again in about 6 months, but today, we focus on the success.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Weird Knee

As I have mentioned before, in 2003 I had meniscus and fat pad removed from my right knee after a terrible studying accident. Since starting at the gym, I have had one instance where it hurt in the repaired area, but several instances where it hurt in a different place.

While we rested it, F'in Alex and I had different guesses to what was causing the pain in the back of my knee. He thought it was the step ups with weights. I hoped it was the squats. Turns out we were both wrong. It was an exercise that really didn't have anything to do with the knee and one of the few I actually liked. I sat down in front of the weight thingy (I am learning so many technical terms at the gym) to do a static row (sitting on a bench, pulling 70 lbs in a rowing motion). About 3 reps in, I felt the pain in my knee. Because I am sitting to resist being pulled forward, it is doing something to my knee. I thought about not saying anything because it was really the only exercise I like, but I did. We finished the set and then moved to another exercise. We did this because as F'in Alex said "I don't know what to do about your weird knee."

In other exciting gym news, as we move into week 8: I have moved to plank on my forearms (I started with straight arms) and can hold this for 1.5 minutes; I graduated to real squats (no more sitting on a bench for me); and I graduated to real rear lunges (no longer holding on to something). We also started balance work (I asked and while F'in Alex said it is really hard to gain balance as an adult, we can work on it). We will see what week 8 brings.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Thankful Thursday - Cute Workout Clothes

It is totally a first world thing to be thankful for, but I am enjoying my new workout clothes. The treat to myself for finishing 4 weeks. (I just finished week 7 believe it or not). And F'in Alex gets points for 1) noticing and 2) saying this shirt was perfect for me.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How I Got A Second Drink And Pancakes

Last Tuesday as I was warming up on the exercise bike I told F'in Alex I needed a second drink per week. He asked me why and I gave him the highlights of my Monday:

-dealing with problem behaviour that is trying to rip people's clothes off and is very funny
-having to make a video of the kid doing this and then watching it and sharing it with a coworker to help come up with a strategy (I should have worn a better bra)
-having to tell the parent about this and come up with a plan
-dealing with masturbation
-dealing with another upset parent
-teaching a teenage girl to tolerate wearing a pad 
-having to wait 10 minutes to pay for gas because the homeless guy had some issue with his lottery tickets
-having a silly argument with Sam (which is rare)

It wasn't even a bad day, it was just a day and I needed a vice. So F'in Alex agreed that if I walked 7 days a week (which I pretty much did anyway) and I didn't add anything sugary to the drink (hello vodka shooter) I could have a second drink. Was thrilled because my Tuesday was actually worse than my Monday and I had something to look forward to!

Then on Thursday, he gave me back pancakes. He said I could have them occasionally if I either put protein powder in them (not happening) or used almond flour. I am not sure why he gave them back, except he did this after he left me drop a 20 lbs weight on my stomach (I sort of caught it so it didn't fall hard and yes I finished the set and the next 2). Whatever the reason, I just took it and ran with it. Nearly died when the tiny bag of almond flour cost $18, but whatever! Sam made amazing pancakes with it!

Because he was so nice last week, I wonder what he will do to make up for it this week!

Sunday, 9 October 2016


From my office window
In Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. We are hosting the family dinner this year. We live in the Gatineau Hills, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world in the autumn. My sister and her family, my brother-in-law and the girl he is seeing (he doesn't like the label of girlfriend), and 2 friends will join us for the feast Sam will prepare. We will laugh and eat too much. It will be great fun.

One of our friends who is coming is facing some significant health challenges. I won't share all the details, because it is not my story to share. Let's just say it is a genetic disorder, he has no control over, and it has a sucky mortality rate. He is having a risky surgery this coming week. It isn't fair. He is only 30.

His recent challenges, have served as a reminder to me that I need to not take my health for granted.  I heard a statistic this week that 70% of all health issues are due to lifestyle factors. I am working hard to make sure that I do what I can to greatly reduce my changes of being sick. I am controlling what I can, and leaving the rest to fate.

On this Thanksgiving, I will be particularly thankful for my health and the health of most of my friends and family. I will be thankful for our medical system that will provide the best care to my friend. I am also going to be extra thankful for the time spent with friends and family.  Good friends are not like pants, they are impossible to replace.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Thankful Thursday - Humour

Today I am thankful for humour. If I didn't have it or couldn't always see it, I don't know how I would survive.

Here is a little humour to brighten your day. This made me LMAO - especially since Thursday is my least favourite day of the week. I believe no good comes from it!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

It Must Be Working And More Self Improvement

I have been feeling tired, busy, sore and slightly crazed the past few weeks. This is made worse by a new reoccurring knee issue. Alex and I are trying to figure it out. We will talk about it today and I will report on it later.

I know I have made progress at the gym etc. because if nothing else I had to buy lots of new pants as mine were falling off. I mean literally falling off. And yes, I got teary when I slipped into the size 6 pants (shorted lived as my husband said the knees looked funny) and the small skirt (which I never showed him so he couldn't ruin it). I never thought that would happen. I never dreamed of being a different size.

On the weekend I was at a conference/workshop thingy. There were a number of people I have worked with in the past but haven't seen for 2-6 or so years. They said things like:

"I didn't recognize you, you look great!" (I will take that as a compliment even though it implies I looked like crap before.)

"You look awesome!"

"What are you doing? You are glowing and look fantastic."

I responded by giving  Alex all the credit for it. I was thinking about this later, and I realized that I really need to shift the credit from Alex to myself. He should get an acknowledgement as my coach, but not the gold.  I am the one who is not drinking wine every night or binging on carbs. I am the one who wants to die at the gym. He is usually pacing around (drives me crazy) counting and coaching. I know I am a pain in the ass, but I am probably doing more hard work than he is.

I realized I am not good at taking credit for things. I can take blame well, but not credit. I always brush it off like it is no big deal, or just something I happen to be doing. Part of that is because that is how I often feel, this is just what I am doing, and part of that is I am not a huge fan of praise/being the centre of things for some reason. I need to work on that.

I will start with writing:

I am awesome!

(Ok, that felt totally weird, it will take some getting use to!)

Editor's Note: You can tell I haven't been to the gym for 4 days as I am writing this because Alex is just Alex, not F'in Alex.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Why I Am Doing 12 More Weeks Of Training

I am usually a very decisive person. I can quickly make decisions. I don't flipflop or ask for everyone's opinion. However, deciding what to do about strength training was probably one of the hardest decisions I have made in a very long time. I talked to everyone, weighed every possible decision.  In the end I decided to do more because:

-I am making progress (not just in the weight and body fat I shared, but in the strength)
-I don't know enough to run a program at home yet
-I don't think I am motivated enough to do a home program 
-I have not reached my strength goal
-I need to put my health first - that is my mantra this year 
-This will give me a really fair time to assess if this is something I want to do (4 weeks for such a huge habit change is not really fair)
-I live a life where I pretty much only do things I think I am very good at and love. It is probably good for me to do something that is hard and I kind of suck at.

The 12 weeks worked out to be the week before our 3 week trip to Asia over Christmas. I am not going to worry about what I am doing after the trip until December 1st. (My guess is a 14 days on a cruise ship, I will need a butt kick after!)
The other decision I had to make was to continue to train with F'in Alex. In the end I decided we have pretty much figured each other out, and I almost have him doing things the way I like/want. Our relationship is still evolving, but we are making progress. The thought of having to start over with someone new was not appealing. A conversation we had last week made me think this is probably the right decision.

Me: "They don't pay you enough to have to train me." (Because I know I am difficult. I would not want to train me).
FA: "No comment."
Me: "I know I am a complete pain in the ass."
FA: "Actually, you make me a better trainer."

I am sure we are going to have our ups and downs, but I think we are on the path to an understanding.  And if all else fails I can tell him to "f-off."