Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Meeting the Trainer

So last Thursday I went to meet and have my initial assessment with my trainer Alex. I admit I found this terrifying. My fear was probably made worse by the fact I am doing this at the cross fit gym - Greco - a chain in Ottawa (about to expand) made famous as being the place the athletes and celebrities go (i.e. hockey player Mike Fisher and when they lived in Ottawa his wife Carrie Underwood).

Being brave and touching a whale - Iceland
There were only 3 things I came up with I would like to be doing less: 3: whale watching 2: having blood taken 1: getting stitches. At the end of it, I would say I felt being in the gym environment was probably tied with whale watching. I can do it, but I sort of want to die the whole time. This was just the assessment. As a non-optimistic person, I truly don't believe it will get better, but as long as it doesn't get worse, I will get through it. And yes, I let Alex know how I felt.

We went over all my exercise history (that took 2 seconds), my goals (to be strong enough to feel confident when an adult client wants to run away), my injuries/areas to consider (so my scoliosis and my knee).

Being brave and whale watching - Iceland
I was happy with my weight - 155.6lbs - not happy with my body fat - 33% (should be about 24% for my age) - and impressed I held a plank for 37 seconds.

We start 2 times a week training every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:15-9:15 am today. We are doing this for a month. Alex said I should lose about 1% body fat, although sometimes at the beginning it goes faster. He doubts my weight will change (which is ok because I am right about where I should be).  I am not suppose to do things at home to start as Alex is afraid I will hurt myself. One of my colleagues questioned this, thinking he just wanted more money, until I reminded her I had needed 2 knee surgeries after studying - I may be a danger to myself.

Fingers crossed it isn't too embarrassing on Tuesday.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Vanier Wrestling

Selfie with the bday girl
Last weekend was a good friend's birthday and she decided for her birthday she wanted us to go to Indie Wrestling. I am a child of the 80s, so I grew up spending my Saturday mornings watching what is now known as the WWE. I married a man who loves wrestling so have been to some WWE events in the past. I know a little something about wrestling.

I wasn't expecting much out of this wrestling. It took place in Vanier. Vanier is one of the rougher neighbourhoods in Ottawa. It is not dangerous like some other cities rough neighbourhoods but has a reputation for prostitution, drugs and just being a bit seedy.

While we were going with our friends, we (my husband, his brother and I) decided if we were going to do this, we were going to upgrade to VIP seats. We paid extra for front row seats, and so we could go early for the meet and greet with Chavo Guerrero Jr., a former WWE wrestler.  We weren't sitting with our friends but did see them over the evening.
My husband and Chavo

A Sponge Bob tattoo - one of 4 of the
band members on a 70 year old

The experience itself is rather hard to put into words. I just kept saying "who knew this was a thing?" The hall was small but clean. It sat somewhere between 400-500 hundred people I think. The fans are clearly dedicated. They all knew each other and the wrestlers. There is a lot of crowd participation. My brother-in-law and I decided that there should be a committee to approve tattoos because there were some terrible ones. I like a good tattoo but clearly some people have different ideas about good than I do. There were also some very interesting outfits. I imagine a show like "What Not To Wear" would have had a field day. It was very much a different crowd then the one I normally hang with. Not bad, not worse, just different.

The wrestling itself was actually better than we had expected. Some of it was actually very good. One of the things I liked, is that the few women wrestlers actually wrestled men in their matches. 2/3 of them could definitely hold their own! My husband had a wonderful time and got right into it. My brother-in-law and I thought it was ok (we were often distracted by the crowd) and we both found it a little long. The main show started at 8 and ended at like 11:40. Can't say we didn't get our moneys worth -it was just way past my bed time.

The event was for their 6th annual "Fighting Back - Cancer Stinks" fundraiser in honour of a member of the wrestling community who died in 2011. The night we were there they raised over $33 000, bringing their 6 year total over $117 000, which is impressive.

While it is not my thing, I can appreciate it and be glad I went. I am sure my husband will go again with our friends, and I will happily support him in that.

A few pictures of the evening:

Sometimes sitting ring side has you right in the action

The wrestler Space Monkey

Yes he has a tail

Frank - the biggest wrestler - but what is with the tattoos?

Chavo standing in our corner

My husband joining in

Men kept falling at my feet

I should have sung it is raining men

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Thankful Thursday - Lazy, Rainy, Sundays

Today I am thankful for lazy, rainy, summer Sundays. The kind of day where you can guilt free curl up with a book, do some writing, binge watch Netflix or whatever it is you love to do. We haven't had many rainy days this summer, so having one last weekend was greatly enjoyed.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tomato and Exercise

Something upset my gut starting on Sunday. It is actually the worst gut pain I have had in months. My initial thought is it isn't tomato. I had a little bit of discomfort after the tomato test leading me to conclude I can have it in small amounts. I didn't have it on Saturday the day before the pain started. My guess is I just ate a combination of food, including too much junk that set it off. I hope it passes quickly.

In exercise news,  I am mentally preparing myself to meet with a trainer on Thursday. I have taken the following steps to prepare:

- stop doing things that look like exercise to "rest my body"
- binge on foods I shouldn't eat (chips, fries - did I mention I ate my first fries in 5 months and they were the best thing in the world - chocolate, ice cream, booze)
-buy a lock for a locker at the gym.

I think I am about prepared as I can be, don't you?

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sadness At The Lake

Yesterday morning, I saw in the news that the second person in a week had drown in our lake. This is our 4th year at the lake, and the first summer we have had drownings. (The first drowning sounds like was a man with medical conditions who had some sort of serious medical problem when on a dock and fell in and drown). Several years ago someone died on a snowmobile on the lake (never driven one, jumped on, drove into a tree), but that was the only lake death.

Yesterday, they were looking for the body of a 21 year old man, who jumped into the lake just after midnight, couldn't swim back and his friends couldn't save him. As I was following the news story, I realized that they were looking for the body in the lake one street over from where we live - on my dog Hailey's favourite street to walk - the street we see across the field our our front window. If I hadn't slept in so late on Saturday (it is generally my one morning off dog duty), I likely would have walked down it and depending on which little side street we took (there are 3) we may have come across the recovery operation. I am surprised that with all the windows open and the way the sound echoes across the lake (we often hear parties) we didn't hear the sirens last night.

We didn't go down to the lake (I said I wouldn't go until the body was found), but we saw the rescue vehicles and news vehicles around. On our way to get groceries we passed and ambulance coming in, and on the way home, we passed it going out, followed by the police and news vehicles. We knew he had been found.

I am a little creeped out by how close this was. It was in an area we walk and kayak. I am not a stranger to drowning - I grew up on Lake Huron, people drowned every summer, but this felt really close.

I can see how easily this could happen, especially on our lake. It is small, 6.8 km (4.2 miles long). It is deep enough, but narrow. I am not a great swimmer but I think if I wanted to I could make my way across shore to shore in most parts (I would be afraid of getting hit by a boat more than not being able to do it). It doesn't get really wavy (some from the boats), there is no undertow. It looks so beautiful and easy and calm.

I imagine last night a group of young people, maybe who haven't grown up near lakes, so they did't understand the full danger, who likely had a few drinks thought this midnight swim would be fun. There was a beautiful full moon (we actually watched it rise over the hills as we sat out at my husband's birthday dinner at our favourite restaurant), and with the heat from the summer the lake is really warm. It would have been very inviting. But then something happened, and my beautiful, peaceful lake, claimed a life.

RIP cottager - may your tragic death be a reminder to others to take extra care when around water.

Our lake from our beach - the incident took place behind the point on the left

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Thankful Thursday - Health

While I may be feeling weak and a little sorry for myself, today I am thankful for my health.  It is not my place to share others stories, but in the past few weeks and months several people who are near and dear to me have faced very, very serious (and possibly fatal) health issues.  Hearing about their struggles/challenges is a good reminder to not take your health for granted.

Our health - as fragile as this shell

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Feeling Weak

The incident I had at work last Friday (I wrote about it here on Sunday) and the incident I had with the dogs on Sunday (on my dog blog Monday) have made me feel weak.

I have allowed myself to have the pity party about that (I think wallowing for a very short time is ok) but have decided I can't just feel sorry for myself forever, I need to take action.

From the internet
I am in the process of exploring personal trainer options. While this is an expensive choice, I think tho will be the best for several reasons.

First, it will keep me accountable as I will be paying for it.

Second, it allow a personal program to be created for me. One of my fears about strength training is hurting myself. I have scoliosis of the upper spin and my knee issues. I am very worried about doing things on line and hurting my already deformed spin. I am sure a trainer will help create a program that strengthens it and keeps it safe at the same time.

That is the plan.

I also plan to retest tomato. I am not sure I will get it back (I was allergic as a kid) but I want to try it, to be sure.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Permission To Chill

No one who reads this will be surprised to hear me say I am a little type A and I have a little bit of OCD (ok a lot of OCD but I am working on it). Because of this, I can have very high expectation and standards for myself. [I do have high expectations for others, but am far more forgiving - even if they don't feel that way]. This has allowed me to accomplish a lot of things, so it isn't always a bad thing, but at the same time, it can take me to the brink of burn out and make me unhappy.  So I have been working on giving myself permission to not do everything I think I must.
I gave myself permission to make a martini on
Friday as well

Lately I have given myself permission to:
-Unfollow blogs and Twitter accounts I don't enjoy/always skip over and I always have some guilt about. I know that I can always add them back if I change my mind later.
-Be ok with not getting to read every single blog I love every single day (I know they all understand that sometimes my time is limited and I can't do everything I want)
-Not do yoga every day as it was taking all my free evening time - I am currently aiming for 2 times a week.
-Not meditate every morning - my focus has been increasing my walk time and sleep time and since for the summer my hours have shifted earlier, leaving meditating time every day means getting up super, super early. Again I am trying for a couple times a day.
-Prioritize steps/exercise - to the limits listed above - I am working on getting my 10 000 steps a day

-Probably the hardest for me, was yesterday, I gave myself permission to chill.

I have also given myself permission to
indulge in "ice cream Fridays"
You see my Friday afternoon was really rough at work. To make a long story short, a young man I work with (he has autism), tried to run into traffic. With the help of a co-worker, we were able to physically stop him. However, he punched my right arm repeatedly (it is bruised) and from the force of him pushing me and me pushing back so he couldn't get past, the right side of my back and neck were hurt (thank you scoliosis for making this more likely to happen).  Advil, a hot bath and a nap made it a bit better, but I felt both emotionally and physical drained on Saturday.  This may have been made worse by the fact it was pouring rain (desperately needed, but the perfect weather for a do nothing kind of day). While part of my mind said I needed to get out and walk the dogs and do this and that, the smarter part of my brain said, "you earned a day off, relax, Sunday is a new day."

That is what I did. I wasn't totally lazy, we did go to the city for a few fun errands, but I was fairly lazy. I didn't come close to 10 000 steps.  I am going to be ok with that, because sometimes you just need to chill.  Perhaps, if you get hurt possibly saving someone's life, you can have a completely lazy day:)

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Thankful Thursday - Living In The Country

While there are some scarifies to make living so far from the city and work, today I am thankful for living in the country. Not only do we live in the country, we live in the hills near a lake.

Things I love about the country:
-it is quiet (minus the fireworks of course!) - right now the only sound I can hear are birds and crickets
-it is dark at night, like really, truly dark
-the stars are amazing (not that I have seen a lot of them lately, I have been going to bed when it is still light, but I was out at 10 last night and I forgot how amazing they are!)
-we see wildlife daily
-it forces me to be outside more. I am not a naturally an outdoorsy type. As a kid, I was outside a lot more. There is just so much more to enjoy/do living out here that it is easier to be outside.

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to live somewhere that is truly relaxing and beautiful!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Adventures - A Weird Version Of Where's Waldo

Growing up in the 80s (this was just the dawn of the computer age and while we had a computer it really didn't do much - we didn't have internet until like 1989), I would say my family made it's own fun. Often in the good weather (aka not winter) we would go to "ghost towns" i.e. old cemeteries and wander around.  We also went to small town museums and historical sites (I am guessing I have been to at least 1000 galleries, cemeteries, museums, historical sites in my life). Because of the hours I have spent in cemeteries, I find them interesting and peaceful. 

While I was visiting my parents, we did similar things. One day we went to a museum and on the other 2 we went to cemeteries.

Cemetery 1: Kincardine - Goal - to find the "unknown sailor" grave. In November 1913 a huge storm hit Lake Huron. Many ships were lost. Near Kincardine over 250 lives were lost and only 50-some bodies were recovered. 5 washed up on the shores of Kincardine beaches and were never identified. My dad and I spent about 30 minutes wandering around, (I said it was like we were playing "Where's Waldo" or wondered if people thought we were playing disrespectful Pokemon-Go as Dad pulled out his phone to look and see if we could find where it was).  In the end, we didn't find it. An adventure for another time.

Cemetery 2: A tiny one called Port Bruce I believe. Our goal was to find the 3 Smith sisters who build the cottage beside my parents. Tiny cemetery. We found some Smiths but not the Smiths we were looking for. Again we lost at Where's Waldo.

However, we did see some cool things. A few samples from Port Bruce:

Although hard to read, I love old stones

I personally don't want a stone, but if I did, this would be it. 

Never had seen strips like this to put the stones on

If you are going adventuring, look the part. My father (I sometimes pretend I am adopted).

Loved the caption but said out loud "I hope not!"

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Thankful Thursday - Exploring

I am laughing because I accidentally published this first on the wrong blog . . . might be a reflection of how my day is going to go!

I will share more about the exploring adventures on the weekend, but today I am thankful for the opportunity to do some exploring.

While visiting my parents, we did several "exploring" events, including one to go and see an Eagle's nest. We didn't see the eagle, but we did enjoy the nest on a clear day!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Week I Was A Sloth

Last week, I was a sloth. There is no other way to put it. I didn't reach my step goal like 5 days, not because of time, but because I was lazy. I had most of the week off (I worked a total of 5 hours, at home, over 2 days). Instead of exercising I did things like binge watch Downton Abbey and Homeland, I sat and read, I hung out with friends and family.  It was a good week and I probably should occasionally take weeks like this, but now it is time to make my health a priority and get moving.

Hopefully being back in a routine will help. (My routine only starts today as yesterday was a holiday in the province I work in).

Taken from the internet

In other news, I hope to do a potato challenge this week. My gut seems to be in a good place, so I think it is a good time.