Friday, 17 November 2017

A Day In The Life

I have been a little blog neglectful recently, in a few moments because I was lazy and a few times because I have days like this.

This was yesterday - it is representative of the kind of days I have!

Awake 5:30.
45 minute walk in the rain/snow with the pups
Deal with some work things
Get ready for the day
Drive to the car dealership to get my winter tires and an oil change
Wait an hour for the shuttle to my office which is 15 minutes away (never have waited more than like 30 minutes)
The last 10 minutes is because some guy had to get his breakfast. The dealership has a restaurant. He eats his greasy breakfast in the car. Yum.
Get to work about 30 minutes later than I wanted to.
Dealt with email that had come in between 7 am and then (about 10:15)
Observed one of my little guys. It was a good observation.
Had a parent meeting with a family whose 22 year old has started to engage in self-injurious behaviour. Started to work out a treatment plan.
12:15 - with a colleague drove to a 21 year old client's home. The client is very aggressive with his mom when she tries to take him places. Started a treatment plan for that
1 pm back at the office
While eating lunch met with the team of the 22 year old about some things to try to prevent the self-injurious behaviour in the short term
At 1:45 Got a call that a 4 year old up north (I consult to Northern Ontario) has engaged in over 1000 aggressive acts in 1.75 hour. Skype in for 15 minutes to try some things.
Have a meeting about one of my other little guys for an hour.
Try and get work done while worrying about all the aggression and my shuttle that is to take me back to my car.
At 4, the shuttle hasn't arrived. I call, they say they will call back. They don't.
At 4:15, I call and cancel the shuttle. At this point I have not car and am going to be late for my electrolysis appointment. I contact her and she says it is ok, she can wait. I am pretty much freaking out at this point because I have severe anxiety over being late. People are asking me if I am ok, and I actually said no!
A coworker kindly drives me the 20 minutes to my appointment. I am 15 minutes late. On the way the shuttle calls to say they are there to pick me up. They are rude with me because they didn't get the message that I had cancelled it.
I have an involuntary twitch during the electrolysis procedure that leaves a small burn. She doesn't feel comfortable continuing. We were 15 minutes from being done my bikini line.  I will just have to shave that little patch on my vacation.
So now I am a 5 minute drive from my car. Fortunately, my electrolysis appointment is across the street from my BFF. She was scheduled to be home in 15 minutes, so I go and wait for her.
I get to spend 45 minutes with my BFF. She drives me to my car.
I have a migraine starting at this point. I pop pills.
Around 7 pm I get my car. I drive home.
It is freezing rain.
2 deer almost jump out in front of me.
The wind nearly blows me off the road at one point.
I get home at 8.
Sam makes me an omelette as I haven't had dinner.
I zone out on social media while talking to him. I have no attention span really.
At 9, I am done. I get ready for bed.
By 9:30 I was asleep.

So no surprise I was awake at 4:45. I have not been productive with this time today, but feel more relaxed then yesterday.

Do other people have days like that?

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Physio - Session Two

Session two went like this:

I waited 20 minutes past the start of my appointment to see my therapist (she told me she is always behind so I was prepared).
She did an assessment and noted and improvement in my back already.
We discussed how the tape got really itchy so I got to forgo it for a week at least.
She gave me a very painful massage and put heat on me while she took my card file of exercises and highlighted the ones she really wanted me to do, pulled some she did not want me to do and left some she was fine with me mixing in (darn lunges are out).
She told me in her 17 years on the job (and she has been a therapist with the Canadian Olympic team) she has never seen exercises so organized.
She gave me a couple more stretches to do.
I paid $70.

Now in fairness to her, she said we are starting slow so we don't make it too much worse as we make it better. She has to see how my body reacts and likely assess if me and see what I will/can do. Next week we will be looking at deep core exercises. I likely will have to do core work every day. She also wants to look at making my gluts stronger (good thing she is seeing them after my year of working out or she would have been shocked at how weak they could be). We will also likely start dry needling. They can't call it acupuncture.

That is where we are. I am working on sleeping on my back. It is a work in progress:)

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Too Funny - My Secret Talent

My BFF's 10 year old plays competitive hockey (some of you would call it ice hockey, but here in Canada it is just hockey). As a fundraiser for the team, they did a $10 per entry  hockey pool.

Half step back. I don't like hockey. (I don't really like sports to be honest. I can tolerate football.) I don't know much about hockey. On a good day I could come up with maybe a dozen current players. Sam loves hockey, he is a huge fan, that is why I know about a dozen players.

I have never been in a hockey pool. When I was given this sheet with like 150 players in different categories, it was a bit overwhelming. I decided the only way to pick a team was to objectify men. I Googled ever guy in a category and picked the one who was the best looking of the bunch. Sometimes there wasn't really a good looking guy in the bunch and I had to pick the best of the worst. FYI if you Google that many hockey players in a short time, Google thinks you are a robot and you have to keep clicking "I am not a robot".  I had to pick some teams at the end too. I picked those based on the colours I liked best - so basically teams with blue!

My sister and her husband also joined this pool. They are both true fans who know about the sport.

There are almost 200 people in this pool. Sam declined.

One week in I am tied for 9th. My sister is one point behind me and tied for 15th. My brother-in-law is near the bottom at place 168. Sam and I laughed really hard that I had cracked the top 10.

We will see how Kio's Kuties (K10 was misread so I am now Kio) do this season. If I finish well, I may have discovered I have a secret talent!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Spine Alignment


Months ago I complained about a sore hip. Well it didn't get better. It got worse and caused pain down my right leg. I finally went to the doctor who sent me to physio. Tuesday I met with my new physiotherapist, Marie-Claire.

Short story - my pain is caused because my spine is misaligned - likely caused by my scoliosis. Working out, likely running (which I have always hated), aggravated it. Now we have to fix the alignment. She said in an ideal world, I would have gotten my spine aligned before starting my training last year. Hindsight . . . . .

As I look at the picture above, of my gloriously taped back, you can see that even there, in the 10 seconds it took to get this picture, with my shirt pulled up awkwardly , standing in a pile of dog toys, I lean to the right. The goal is to get my spine centred.

The first steps are:
-the tape
-side twists
-being aware and correcting my posture
-and the really, really hard and terrible one, learning to sleep on my back.  Night one was a bit of a nightmare in the figurative sense of the word!

She is hoping that 6-8 sessions will fix me up.  I will be going once per week. Here is a new way for me to learn about my body.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Cooking Up A Storm

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen on Sunday cooking my lunches for the week and doing some dinner prep. The secret ingredient was 'rice' this week. Didn't mean for it to be, but it turns out my beets had gone bad so I couldn't make a vegetarian borscht. I had to get creative (and my creative I mean find other recipes to follow using the ingredients I have).

Here is what I came up with:

A vegetarian stuffed pepper. As I can only eat so much pepper at a time, I cut them in half and made half stuffed peppers.

Fake vegetarian cabbage rolls. It is basically a cabbage roll casserole and instead of taking the time to lovingly roll each one (I would not have the patience for that), you chop the cabbage up and layer it like a casserole. 

My new favourite flourless muffins. One of my co-workers gave me the recipe. They are peanut butter, banana, baking soda, vanilla, egg, salt, cinnamon and honey. They cook in 15 minutes. My coworker uses wow butter as our office is nut free, but obviously I can't eat a soy product, so I use pb and only eat them outside the office. The recipe can be found HERE.

Mexican rice to go with our fajitas for dinner tonight. 

Vegetarian re-fried beans to go with dinner too! 

This proves when given the time and a lot of recipes, I can actually cook! 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Goodbye To The Sneaky Five

When I was the strictest with my diet I weighted 142 lbs. I was always hungry and miserable. So I loosened the reigns a little, mainly by eating a little more pasta, potatoes and rice. I felt good around 144-145 and decided this would be my target weight. [My research for my body type suggest this was well within my target range of a healthy weight and it gives me a healthy BMI].

The summer came and I let a few more treats creep into my diet. I wasn't getting enough exercise. Before I knew it, the scale was getting close to 150 lbs. It wasn't so much the number of the scale that bothered me, rather I was clearly bloated and I didn't feel the best. Rather than beat myself up about it, I just increased my exercise (by brining yoga back regularly) and was slightly stricter on the treats. It took a few weeks, but I am happy to report I am sitting around 145 and am not bloated and am feeling better.

Sometimes I think these little slips are good reminders on why I am so strict with my diet and workout routine. I feel better. I am sure I will slip again, but by monitoring myself I think I can nip any problems in the bud before they become serious.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Why I Still Eat Meat

Because I am a little obsessive (imagine that!) I spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve my life. I spend a lot of time reading, listening to podcasts etc. etc. Knowledge is power after all.

In my research, it has become clear to me that a plant based diet is the healthiest. Gladiators ate all plants for goodness sake.  [Although perhaps following the diet of people who were just trying to kill each other, isn't the best!] There are also all the animal right reasons for moving to a plant based diet. I have watched some of "those" documentaries. I understand the ethical issues with big farms. With all this knowledge I have toyed with the idea of eating a vegetarian diet.  However, I have come to the conclusion that for now I will continue to eat some animal products and meat.

Why I still eat meat:

First, I admit I enjoy meat. My last meal would include a steak (ideally from Michael Jordan's in Chicago - best one I have ever eaten). I also look forward to the holiday turkey and brisket.

Second, I love cheese more. When I have completely given up dairy, cheese is one of the foods I crave the most.

Ok, let's be honest, I am just a bit of a foodie! I like food and feel limited enough already!

Third, Sam does all the cooking. He is a huge meat eater. He does an amazing job at cooking around all my other food things. Asking him to cook no meat all the time would result in me having to cook more. Yep, I am a little lazy.

Finally, given my gluten and soy limitations, a pure plant-based diet  or even a vegetarian diet likely wouldn't work in all environments. I could make it work at home, but it would become even more challenging to eat out, eat at other's homes etc. etc. It can be near impossible now, so I can only imagine.

What I am doing instead

I am trying to limit my meat consumption to one meal per day. Occasionally due to leftovers or other things this doesn't happen, but I am doing my best.

I am trying to eat vegetarian 2 whole days per week. One of these days is usually Wednesday as Sam is out and I have to feed myself all 3 meals. Sam and I are doing more vegetarian meals too. I have found some amazing gf porgies and a cheese ravioli we love in a homemade tomato sauce.

These changes mean I am eating meat about 5 times per week. I may look to slowly decrease this more, but for now, I think it is a good start.